Sleep Assessment & Coaching

Assessing, Quantifying, Understanding & Addressing Sleep in The Information ERA

Sleep is the single most important job that any organism can do in order to build, maintain and recharge our mind and bodies. Sleep becomes particularly important for peak performance and accident prevention in high-stress professions associated with Executive Decision Making (EDM), Aviation & Transport (AT), Military Performance (MP), Business Performance (BP), Healthcare (H), Medical Care (MC), and Political Success (PS) but quality sleep is MOST IMPORTANT for the proper DEVELOPMENT OF OUR CHILDREN.

The optimal way to assess sleep for english speaking people is the ASP Sleep Report (depicted below). One ASP provides individualized information by the means of an online, self-reporting questionnaire referencing the previous 4 weeks. The ASP algorithms calculate sleep efficiency penalties of 17 environmental and behavioural components that are known to reduce sleep efficiency. These individual components are rated. Rating illustrates significance of their individual impact and suggests priority setting for improvements.

The individual components are grouped in 5 rated main categories:

  1. Circadian Timing
  2. Sleep Hygiene
  3. Social Stress
  4. Sleep Environment
  5. Medication and Physiology


Benefits of an increased sleep quality score include:

  1. Anti-Aging & Skin Care
  2. Anxiety & Stress Relief
  3. Enhanced Brain, Cardiovascular, Liver & Kidney Health
  4. Enhanced Healing & Recovery
  5. Improved Confidence & Sense of Security
  6. Improved Relationships
  7. Improved Focus & Attention
  8. Overall, Improved Global Performance