Using auditory reinforcement to reduce stress, enhance perception capacity and optimize global performance.

qEEG assisted Neurofeedback is a modern, non-invasive yet successful approach to boosting brain & biological performance based on individualized client goals. Neurofeedback is utilized by NASA astronauts, peak performers in aviation, athletics, business, politics, transport and physicians to maintain current peak performance levels, reduce accidents and even prolong lives & careers.

Neurofeedback is also commonly used for:

  1. Sleep Enhancement
  2. Stress Relief/ Increased Resiliency to Stress
  3. Sports & Mindfulness
  4. Improving Artistry and Creativity
  5. Lowering Blood Pressure, Enhancing HRV and Improving Heart Health
  6. Anxiety Relief
  7. Depression Support
  8. Deep Rooted Trauma
  9. PTSD
  10. Combat Induced PTSD
  11. ADD/ADHD
  12. Reducing Severity and Frequency of Epileptic Episodes
  13. Seizure Reduction
  14. Enhanced Executive Decision Making